Disc Review – Guru Thor D plastic

Photo: http://www.gurudiscgolf.com

When Guru Disc Golf launched their three first discs in the beginning of 2016, it did so as the vert first disc golf brand in Norway. All three of them is beginner friendly, and the one which have stuck around in my bag is their midrange: Guru Thor.

First feel:

All of the Guru discs are in their so called D-plastic, which is a hard base plastic with a decent grip. It has a slight dome to it and good feel in the hand, with a hint of the old Norse god on the stamp (not the Marvel guy).

The specs:thor

Guru Disc Golf seem to follow the Innova Discs flight ratings, which makes sense since the discs are made there:

  • Speed – 4
  • Glide – 4
  • Turn –  0
  • Fade – 2

Thor is a strong Norse god you can always trust. The disc Thor is equally as awesome – a very trustworthy and predictable midrange disc with a large diameter and max weight of 180 grams. Thor will give you numerous tales to talk about after your rounds. Suitable for all players.

First flight

The first thing that strikes me is that this disc is very versatile, a good utility disc than can do pretty much all you need it to: straight, hyzer or anhyzer – Thor seems to like it all. In max weight this disc becomes fairly stable to overstable, and handles a good amount of head wind before it turns a little in the end. In the 170gr range it flies very straight with a predictable fade at the end, and with a glide which is very good for such a large diameter disc. What I really like about it is that it behaves the same  both when its thrown for those touchy long approache shots, as well as full power drives of the tee. Hate to feed on the cliche, but this is actually a disc you can always trust.


As a Norwegian I am not 100% impartial, as we tend to be very proud of everything Norwegian. But Thor from Guru Disc Golf is a really versatile and easy to handle disc, that can be utilized to potential both for pros and ams alike. It made me throw out my trusty Roc, and I would say that this is fairly similiar to a KC Roc, but with better glide. A disc which currently is only to be found in Norway, but which deserves a bigger following. Now I only hope to see it in a premium plastic soon…



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