5 things about The Frisbeer Guy

Despite playing only for about a year I have gotten to do a lot of different disc golf related things, and this page is ment to collect all of the things I am doing into one place. The main outlets of updates and information will still be Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, so don`t expect too many updates here. But it is always good to get a clearer pictures of who is behind “the internet”, and this is the page that does it for The Frisbeer Guy. So here is five things about me, that you might not have known from before.

  1. I do not like attention
    This will for some seem like a joke, as I constantly put my face out in the open. But I am actually just a shy guy who compensate by being fairly open, extrovert and contact seeking. Most of the time I do it because I do not like seeing good ideas put to hold, or things not being done because of bad excuses or lazyness.
  2. The first tournament I played in, I hosted
    I played many weeklies in the beginning of my disc golf “career”, but wanted to try and compete in a bigger tournament. But all tournaments in Norway where aimed at the pros, and I did not feel like I had the skills to compete on their level (I still don`t). Therefor I decided to host the very first amateur only tournament in Norway, Oslo Amateur Open, with great support and knowledge from my local club. I placed third, still one of my proudest days (in the snow…)
  3. I love throwing putters
    There is no other disc I love more to see fly, than putters. I love the feel, the flight and the precision a putterthrow can give you, and even if I don`t carry many different molds of putters, I throw them the most out of all my discs.
  4. I am a knight
    Do to my work over the years to spread knowledge and joy about good beer, I have gotten a lot of friends and family all over the world. Some of these are good friends of mine in Belgian breweries which we work with, and after being asked to apply I was in 2016 inducted as a Honorary Knight in The Knighthood of the Brewers Paddle in Brussels. I shared the stage with the likes of the Belgian minister Alexander De Croo, who seemed very thirsty….
  5. I am a bestselling author
    The name Frisbeer Guy did not happen by accident, as I am a fairly known beer person in Norway. As one of the biggest beerwriters in the country I have published five different books on the subject of good beer, and I find the craft beer culture and disc golf community very similar: 99% asshole free!



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