Part of Team Natural Born Disc Golfer

It´s with great pleasure I can announce my main sponsor for the 2018; The Natural Born Disc Golfer. If you did not catch my announcement on Youtube and later on Instagram, I suggest you go follow me right now, as this will be an interesting journey. The Natural Born Disc Golfer is an amateur team based out of Finland, and consist of some of the nicest and most dedicated promoters of the sport in Europe.

From Amsterdam to Oslo, this team is now spreading throughout Europe and making its mark on the disc golf scene. But what you may ask, makes this journey interesting? Well, as a part of being on the team, you have to throw only discs from the Trilogy brands, meaning Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs or Westside Discs. If you saw my in the bag from the 2017 season, you will have noticed that I currently have no discs from either of these brands. So I am going into the 2018 season on the search of a brand new bag of discs, one throw at the time.

And don`t worry, I will bring you along for the ride through monthly vlogs on my Youtube channel. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, and let me know how you would have felt if you needed to change YOUR ENTIRE BAG before a new season.



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