Disc review – Discmania MD

ldm-md-cDiscmania describes the MD as a “extremely straight flying midrange”, and to be honest; who don`t need one of those?! The disc have no bead and a slight convex rim. It has a good glide and is fairly neutral in it`s flight caracteristics, making it to a disc which is easy to manipulate the flight on. As an AM this flies great for me, even if I have some challenges with the grip. 

First feel

My MD is a C-line, premium plastic meant to last for a long time. I personally prefer D-line for my mids, but that is more of a personal preference as I feel it has more grip.. Got to say that it did not feel very good in my smaller sized hands, with a rim that was a little to tall for me.

The specs
Speed: 4
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 0

This extremely straight flying midrange is targeted to all skill levels. The MD’s ergonomic rim resembles the popular MD2, but while the MD2 has a micro bead and a concave lower rim, the MD features a convex lower rim and no bead. It also features a slight dome to allow more glide and stability.

First flight
Even if it did not feel good in my hands, it has a good flight for me. Understable with power, but controllable for more finesse shots.

Discs are a lot about personal preference, as the quality from all major manufacturers are great. The MD is for me such a case, where I feel its potential but when in the hand it is not to my liking. I got smaller hands which makes the rim uncomfortable, and in a game preference makes up such a big part of it, it is not a disc for me. All that being said, I acknowledge the quality and versatility the MD provides. I can see this disc as a main midrange for an amateur, or as an understable/neutral midrange for advanced/pro. Even for an AM like me it does not hold power very vell, but for those low power controll shot both backhand and forehand it does the job nicely.

Thank you to Discmania for sending this to me, and for the opportunity to be one of their Discmania Media Partners. If you are curios about Discmania, their products and the other media partners, check out our Facebook page.

2017-02-03 15.jpg


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