Off season practice routine from an amateur disc golfer

2017-01-04 16.08.11.jpg
Snow running…

So we are about half way through the off season, just into a new year and I hope you are all excited for a new season which is just around the corner. First tournament for me is actually next weekend, but my first real start is in the end of March. And before that I will use the off season as well as possible, and here are my off season schedule as an amateur disc golfer.

So I have already made a vlog about my goals for 2017, and in November I set up my weekly practice routine. December was the first full month where I started working towards this goals, and after a few weeks I am now executing these routines. It is not easy I have to admit, but as time goes it will become easier and easier.

First I had to see how much time I had to dedicate towards the coming season, and especially my goal of becoming a healthier person. With a full time job, several big disc golf project for 2017 and a family with two small kids all takes its time, so time

2016-12-14 21.01.58.jpg
Winter fieldwork

for working out and practicing have to be structured. Second I needed to figure out what to focus on and what was realistic to achieve with my current fitness level. So I decided for my general form I wanted to do at least 5 kilometers a week to start off with, to get me a good base to start with. I also struggle with a bad back after a decade in the culinary business, which needs to be taken and I have been working with a physiotherapist. So that takes care of my fitness, and as for my play I will do at least 500 weekly putts that will help me with, well my putting. I also will do field work two times a week focusing on my technique and accuracy, filming and analyzing the hopeful progress. Biggest focuses is my short game and driving. With all that in mind I set up short practices everyday which are more achievable than trying to do big workouts a few times a week.

  • Monday – Running (2,5km+)
  • Tuesday – practice (short game)
  • Wednesday – Yoga and stretching
  • Thursday – Practice (drives)
  • Friday – day off
  • Saturday -Running (2,5km+)
  • Sunday – stretching (focusing on the back)

In addition I also will do 500 putts every week, with different stands and distance. So if you add it all together it will be about 7 hours a week, about the same amount of time spent on the couch watching TV for 4-5days

  • Running – 1 hour
  • Practice – 3 hours
  • Putting – 2 hours
  • Yoga and stretching – 1 hour

So that is my practicing program for this off season, a setup that hopefully will help me along the way to my goals for this year. I hope this might even help you a little, as I am just a regular amateur disc golfer wanting to be better and willing to set things in system. Hopefully it can help some of you as well.


2 thoughts on “Off season practice routine from an amateur disc golfer

  1. Parked: The Sociology of Disc Golf says:

    500 putts a week? How do you stay interested, make it fun? Had a new year’s resolution to practice putting and I’m already having a hard time following through.


  2. Jørn Idar Kvig says:

    Yeah, motivation can always be a challenge with repetitive practices like putting.
    I very often use Jyly (great Finnish putting site/app) or Putt360 (app), where I can see my progress. That gives me a good amount of motivation, trying to beat my self. Putting leagues of finding a friend to do some friendly competition with works as well, but I think the biggest thing to not make it boring is to vary it and not just go and putt, putt, putt. DGPuttheads have a good article of different mini games that can be utilized –

    Good luck, keep putting!


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