Disc review – Dynamic Discs Escape

fuzion_escape_green-800x800The Dynamic Discs Escape has a reputation of being a beginner friendly disc with fantastic glide and feel to it, and a good disc to choose for distance for amateurs. Despite being a fairway driver it do have distance, and it feels fairly understable when thrown even with no wind. It is now a disc which is frequently in my bag despite not being my favorite fairway drive. The reason is explained in the name; Escape. Because this disc feels like it truly can save you strokes, making you escape those bogeys.

First feel

Feels comfortable in the hand, as it is a speed 9 the rim is not to wide and it is not too deep either.

escape.pngThe specs

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn:  -0,5
  • Fade: 2

The Escape is a fairway driver designed to keep you in the fairway by keeping a true and consistent flight path from beginning to end of flight. Predictable flight characteristics power the Escape past all other fairway drivers and is perfect for all skill levels.

First flight

The first throws reveals that this is a flippy disc if you give it some power, and that it need some love and tender to give the most distance. But it behaves the same for every throw, making it a reliable understable disc for me and a easy ripper for true beginners.


Like many beginners before me I started with Innova, and then discovering all other manufacturers. One of the once that I had been eyeing for some time but not gotten any discs from, was Dynamic Discs. After asking one of their team members in Amsterdam what disc to try, the Escape not only found its way to me, but also into my bag. Everybody is praising the great glide, which I am not 100% agreeing with as I have other fairway drivers with less glide that have the same distance in open fields. But where this disc really shines is throwing those tight lines, where you do not go full power. Low ceiling drives, thight wood shoots, big sky anhyzers shots are where I find myself using the Escape the most, as it will flip easy for me when giving it some power. Just the thought of headwind will flip it, but this disc can also be used for rollers so it might not be a bad choice after all.

The Dynamic Disc is often in my bag when I know a disc that can give me some flippy distance or get me out of some tight lines, but be aware that this disc is touchy and needs you as a player to understand when and how to get the most out of it.



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